Welcome in Cézar, your living-room in our kitchen.

Cézar is like coming home: conviviality is our trump and there is plenty of atmosphere. Sheepskin and fleece, a bench with cushions, lozenged wall-paper and warm colours; and now put your feet under the table.

Cézar is there for everybody. Nothing is obligatory, much is possible. A main dish with a good glass of beer or just an appetizer or an entree, or afterwards a dessert or some cheese? The choice lies with you.

We chose for grandma’s classics: a marrow-bone with a thick toast, a potato soup with beef cheek, vol-au-vent with or without veal sweetbread, meatballs in tomato sauce, chopped raw beef cut by hand and prepared at your table, a ray wing with melted butter and capers, etc. Nostalgia à la carte.

Meat is our trump. T-bone steak for 1 person, Aberdeen Picanha, Grainfed Angus entrecôte, perfectly fried at your choice with freshly made French fries: that is Cézar.

Vegeterians will also be spoiled with a dish prepared at their wishes.

The wine-list is a treasure-list, starting from housewines at € 24 per bottle or € 5 for a glass. The 20 authentic beers taste so good as to make you want more.

Enjoy passion and nostalgia!


Online Reservation

We are exceptionally open on Monday the 31st of December.
Booking for that day is only possible through phone or email.